Saturday, March 20, 2010

Black By Popular Demand

Hello to the blogosphere.

It's been nearly a year since I left for the hills of rest and solitude. It's been nearly a year since i have been on the interblog. And also I was too busy getting a degree. It was time consuming.

You will, however be glad to know that I am back in both senses of the word. Back in the world wide blog and back in Durban.

Durban has changed. I work on Florida Road which is fairly hip but the problem with Florida Road is that there isnt a road there anymore. Some big shot in FIFA decided that all the roads within 10km of the Stadium of Moses (the new soccer-hand-basket-looking-stadium) need to be re-laid. I have no problem with that, only in that my road was fine, and now there isnt a road, and afterwards there will be another road there, that will be, well - fine.

Look, I'm not one to complain - which I clearly am. It was just a way of letting the Internet (thats you) know that I work on a fairly trendy road, whether there is one there currently or not. So that when I do have something to write about you will be like 'hey, this guy knows whatsup - he works in trendy-town.'

Carly Simon was right, I am so vain - except I do know that that song is about me.

See you later.

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