Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Dudes Dance Too Hard.

It has been an interesting week to say the least.

It all kind of began and ended at Andrea's 21st. It began with more food than a human could eat in one sitting. And more fun than a human could have in one sitting. If Andrea's birthday party had a problem, it would be that it was possibly too much fun. Some people think that that's a good problem to have.

Some people just have problems. Let's take Gregg for example. Gregg recently got married to a beautiful lady about a month ago. There is this school of thought that says marriage is for settling down and becoming, well – boring. Not for Gregg. In fact Gregg's problem was that he liked to dance. Maybe, even, too hard. There all the boys were (being boys) in the corner of the dancefloor, grooving to the beats of ke$ha'$ tiKtoK - when Gregg pulled off a stunner and changed his orienation from vertical to being horizontally on the floor. Gregg danced so hard that he fell over. Can you even imagine how much fun this guy was having?

We all laughed at Gregg, typical.

Later, the po-po rocked up and demanded that we turn down the racket, so Darryl-The-DJ pretended like he didnt speak English, pointed to the kitchen and got some Fat Boy Slim involved on the DJ decks. Typical Darryl. In an unrelated incident, a couple hours later we shut the party down and moved to Andrea's house were some of us watched her unwrap gifts that some of her friends had given her. Most of the people still hanging around had given her these such gifts and were thrilled to see her open their particular present. I was not one of those people. Not because I didnt want her to open my gift, but more so because I didnt get her a gift. So imagine my delight when she starts reading a card that has no name on it, she laughs, turns to me and says, “Hey Tom! Is this one from you?”
I didnt say no.
But I didnt say yes either, I let her linger.
Elsewhere on the gift apparantly Nicky did remember to write her name after all and now I was caught between a rock and a hard place (either of which might have been better gifts than my no-show)

This party has left me feeling tired the whole week. It's Wednesday and I'm still struggling.
Last night however Andrea and some friends, including her BF (boyfriend, not to be confused with best friend) went to watch a film called 'Everybody's Fine.' Well the only people who were 'fine' in that movie were the ones getting paid to produce it, not the one's who had to pay to watch it. In short, it's the not the best movie ever.

The rule of the Cinema house however is that no food or beverages are allowed in the cinemas unless they were bought at their cofectionary stand. Matt and Andrea negelected to obey this rule. Matt and Andrea also got caught roughly 2 minutes after buying and concealing their illicit popcorn and coke and got told to leave it outside the movie. This made Matt fairly unhappy with life and the manager. But mostly the manager. After dumping all his stuff and realising he had just wasted R40 and was going to sit popcornless in the movie, he shot these parting words at the manager as he walked up the escalator, “I hope you sleep well tonight.”

My guess, is that not only did that man sleep well last night, but also on a full stomach. Popcorn and coke always tastes better when some punk called Matt paid for it.


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Rebecca said...

Lol indeed. Speaking of newly married men who have clearly not 'settled down', Bruce put his back out for 2 weeks after a botched forward flip off the stage at a Hogs gig...he claims this will not be his last forward flip/ stage dive. Oh, and Tom, come back here already. You've made your point. We miss you.