Friday, November 14, 2008


I used to write a lot of emails updating peeps about everything and nothing in particular. And then I stopped. I am attempting to re-integrate myself into the weblog community. Its hard, so give me some time.

I find myself in Cape Town in a cold Spring in 2008.
Things to be chuffed about at this point:
• Justin Timberlake and Sean Kingston albums purchased for the combined sum of R140
• I am on holiday
• I have a computer that works
• I have new dreams (not that my old ones faded away, its just that now I know what im going to be doing in the in between time, like ride to Namibia on a bike – fairly realistic methinks)
• I have managed to open myself once again to the hurtful reality of befriending foreigners, many of whom I might never see again, some of which I hope to.

To say the least, though, I am swamped. I committed to living in with a group of Californian study abroad students at the res at my college. They are a delightful bunch and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know some of them and sharing some of my joys and pains with them as they have with me in the short week and a half that our friendships have blossomed. Our motley crew is comprised of some interesting characters, and together we are a force to be reckoned with.

There’s Adam: he’s been to every Radiohead concert ever played in USA and every concert they have never played in Israel. He spent a half hour in Tanzania earlier this year and claimed to have eaten his body weight in ugali (that’s pap for all of us who don’t speak Swahali, which he claims he is fluent in too)

Corey: She’s possibly got one of the cutest chuckles (as in the laugh and not the sweets from woolworths) in the known universe. She’s strong and fun and interesting and lives like down the road from Oprah in Chicago (oh and Michael Jordan lives on the other side)

Peterson: She’s from Oregon and wants to be a hippie when she grows up. Her catch phrase is, “in Oregon if you’re not’re weird!” She’s a trooper.

Dan: Dan is the definition of folk ‘n roll. Dan is in a band called Iron and Wizzle. Apparantly they are quite big in the states. He is the first man I have ever heard seriously to use the word ‘funsies’ in a sentence, I believe the conversation went like this:
Tom: “Hey bro that’s quite a mean mustache you got going on there.”
Dan: “Yeah, its coming along, you know…keeps the girls at bay and it’s kind of just for funsies anyhow.”
That’s Our Dan.

Bethel: Now we need to be careful what we say about Bethel, she’s Russian and lets just say she enjoys a nice glass of wine. She laughs endlessly, and just when you think she’s done laughing, she’ll just start bubbling all over again. Its rather disconcerting

I have made many more friends from this group, but these are just some I have had the privilige of spending more time with. I’l put up some pictures as soon as Radiohead Adam gives me some of his sweet pics.

As a result of my full time commitment to these students combined with living in Lansdowne, I have lost my Kirstenhoffian rhythm and im a bit mozamBLEAK about that but it’ll return soon enough. Plus I need to laundry pretty soon.

I hope to return soon to you all.

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