Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Becky

I think, that at least for a while i would like to live in a hotel. I mean the ones designed for tourists. Multi-storeyed feats of architectural synonymity. I would wake up early and hit the in-house gym so hard that my deltoids would look more defined than the Oxford dictionary. Then i would go for a jog along the promenade on either the Umhlanga or Sea Point beachfront (pending on which coast and which time of year i find myself) I would then retire to the balcony and order room service-of a full english breakfast-and wouldnt grow tired of it either. In the evenings, i would come home to find the place exactly how i never left it and be chuffed about it stlll and then relax to the sounds of Kenny G, while kicking back in a jacuzzi. I dont know what it is about them, but its like i am instantaneously in holiday mode the moment i walk through the doors of the reception foyer. I felt like that when i went to visit my Northener cousins at the Cape Peninsula, in Sea Point. Oh my, what a vibe. The views, the triple deck pizza and the fold out bed that gave me more support than even the South could give Barack Obama.

And what shall we say about yesterday? I found myself as Justin so accurately pointed out, in the middle of a million circles. And the circles were decent. I went to a a picnic yesterday celebrating the birthdays of two friends i have made in Cape Town who are curiously both from eThekweni. The problem with that fundamental starting point is that i am not in the circle of any of either of their groups of friends. My problem? It was like Jacki and Ceire sent out a memo along with the invitation (which evidently i did not get) saying that only good looking, confident and insanely stylish early twentiesh people were invited. The girls were pretty and the boys were prettier. Safe to say as i turned to Andrew to remark that i felt well and truly out of my depth, i was not far off the mark. Dont misunderstand me here, the picnic was a roaring success and the socialites of Cape Town will be talking about it all the way until tomorrow. Amongst all of that i think the only other thing to report on is that cousins could possibly make the world go round. And not in the generic sense, like how most people have them and stuff, but my cousins. They are a massive vibe. As mentioned earlier, they hail from the Highveld and they each possess a heart of gold. I might remember the trips to Camps Bay and walking along the promenade, i might even remember the prawns at the Waterfront, quite possibly i may recall the journey to Simonstown and laughing all over again at the thought of my petite Pre-Primary school teacher of a cousin-in-law rocking out to Demon Hunter as her ringtone, but probably not. They are the type of people that make you feel better about yourself. Make you feel like that despite popular opinion, you are going to make something of your life, you know - be somebody. Grow a beard and get a job saving the Multiverse. You must understand that i really like these people. When Jonothan laughs, its not so much that the world laughs with him, so much as he laughs on behalf of the world. And being one who quite enjoys my own jokes, funny or not to the rest of the world - it was absolutely glorious to have someone guffaw out my praises. I feel refreshed after having them come through iKapa. It appears that life is about to get a little more tricky these next couple of weeks, but the joy of summer in Durban awaits on the other side. And because the titles of my notes are not completely void of meaning and intention, a very happy birthday is wished upon MBecky. Today, she has been alive for twenty years. I havent seen her in three and a half weeks and i miss her a little. You must understand, that the problem with not seeing someone for three and a half weeks is that that is just enough time to acquire for oneself a new nickname, for example MBecky. It sounds like it should be a funny nickname and thought of calling a 20 year old hippie from Oregon after our beloved ex-president sounds like the premise for a massive LOL - but i am not in on the joke, which only hurts insofar as the realistaion that my priviliges for getting in on such inside jokes have been forfeited in light of the fact that as much as my t-shirt describes that I Heart APU, i am not APU. I am in Cape Town and the Pacific Coast of North America and Pietermaritzburg respectively are alien to me, and will be for some time. Not to be a Debbie-Downer, i only wish to bring to the attention of MBecky and all her friends that life will carry on, but always now with the imprint of all of you, in me. Happy Birthday Peterson.

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