Friday, November 14, 2008

What's The Story Corey?

I am having a love affair with Summer. I'm sorry Winter, it would have never worked out between us. If Denzel Washington was a season that shone and never rained i would bask in his glory too. The Man who got fired. or Man! that guy's on fire. um, maybe it was Man, that fire is ON! either which way, that movie was K for Krazy. In the movie, Creasy is this Christ figure, albeit an assassin. He dominates with this quite inner strength and then bang, Christopher Walken pipes up: "Everyone has an art. Creasy's is death, and he is about to paint his masterpiece." Now don't get me sideways here, i never was a great fan of the classic Shakespeare maneuver of the tragic hero. it irritated me until i understood that that is exactly who Jesus was. If i have ruined the movie for you, i apologize. It's eight years old so chances are, you've seen it. But i struggled with this, couldn't get to sleep even. It perplexes me that there exists a love that by very definition is so great that there is none greater, that someone lays down ones life for a friend. It's beyond me. I think i have friends for whom i would substitute my life for, come to it. But Oh my Liz Lemon, it's a stretch. My point is this, that the idea of Jesus dying for me is not consumed in his deity, in his whole being God thing - it has somehow gripped me on a very real, very human level. In the movie, Dakota Fanning prays and asks of God to not give her health and wealth, "cos that's what everyone asks for and im sure you dont have much left. Give me whatever else you have." This week has been odd. Nothing weird, just that things have been a little out of place and i cant remember where they are supposed to go. And if that wasnt enough Friday just threw things way out of whack. I hung out with Doug. Doug is a biscuit. In the rugby kind of way. Yet nothing about him screams rugby. He used to mentor me when i was at the back end of High School. He was and is one of those people that are schooled and wise and in a broad sense, has got things together (well in comparison to most of us) - always has, and probably always will. I haven't hung out with Doug proper in over 3 years i reckon and there we were eating KFC in Melkbosstrand. On an absolute pearler of a day, mind you. And the thing about Doug is this: with Doug, getting girls is easy. He's dashing and daring, courageous and caring. He told me about this girl he's fond of. They have been dating for eight odd months now and he says that he cant even tell. Isnt that beautiful? when Doug talks about girls, my ears have this manner of pricking up. This girl, right - was so into him that she spent an afternoon, turned evening at the Durban beach-front in the pouring Westerly rain while Doug surfed his brains out. Doug has got it easy. But why? Is it his nonchalance? Is it his beach blonde hair? Is it that punch-the-sky attitude? Or is it the sincerity at which he attacks every relationship in his life. I only mention Doug because in some ways i want to be like him. Not a clone, but perhaps a Tom-a-fied version of Doug. I dont actually want to be him, because i dont know the first thing about captaining the Eighth team (Rugby) in Matric. I do want to be me, but its those parts where i know i can be a better person if i only i kind of copied Doug, as he is doing his level best to copy Christ. Kind of like Paul. And also because if i was Doug i would be engaged to the most phenomenal girl this side of the Boerewors curtain. I suppose thats where we are different too, i got Summer and Doug's got Heather. That's right, Doug and Heather are now promised to each other in betrothement. Do i wish i had my own Heather complete with engagement band on the wedding finger? Why certainly. Doug has got it easy. But it was not always this way. He worked like Thomas Edison did, inventing all 3000 of those contraptions that would never get off the ground, so to speak until he came right. Doug, has come right, so to speak. Things are looking up as the end of the academic year approaches us now. All that remains is to keep my gaze locked on the ground as i stare with wide wide eyes waiting for my romance with Summer to be complete. So here's to Heather, and to Summer and to Nurse Taylor and to Captain Stu for making the top 3 for Road to V-Fest, and to all of you lovely people who take the time to read all of this and let me know that you know that what i know is worth knowing for you, you know. And even though the petrol prices have let us breathe a little we would do well to take our cue from Homer Simpson...

Marge: "We can't afford to buy a pony."
Homer: "Marge, with today's gasoline prices, we can't afford not to buy a pony."

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