Friday, November 14, 2008

A Partisan For Sure

Sometimes in life you just need to bite the bullet and accept that things will never change. Other times in life you can smile because the proverbial world is indeed your proverbial oyster. For the most part i straddle the lanes here. It's hard to be on form all day, every day. I think i'm getting better at it. For example, people, for the most part want their fifteen minutes in the sunshine. So my deduction is to make sure that they know that the sun can and will shine out of all and any part of their body. And a good haircut also makes you feel better, that i am sure of. Those were my thoughts for the better part of this week. Don't think I implemented them on any sort of notciable scale. It wasn't a terrible week, just wasn't incredibly wonderful either. Which should only be a cause for concern if knowingly this was my last week alive. It very well may have been, if not I hope to learn from it. At this point my thoughts are not on my exams this week, which more of said thoughts should indeed be. My thoughts are cast a couple weeks from now. The Garden Route, Dolphin's Point, Matthew Fright, Talco, Nickless and the elusive Kwa Zulu-Natal. It's like what Troy Bolton's friends always say, ' Get your head in the game, Wildcat.'

That aside, girls are weird. Or maybe it's that girls peter out at being somewhat average (because thats less insulting than being weird, im sure) and its the boys who are weird. Either way I think we are missing each other here. I don't think Hugh Grant writes, produces and acts in his rom-com's (you can thank Kai for that wonderfully hideous abbreviation and do feel free to use it in real life sentences, because she sure ain't scared to) because he is taunting us with what a date gone right looks like. Its that he too must have at some point just completely missed girls in their entirety. come to think of it, i dont think Hugh Grant writes, produces or acts in any of those movies. Well he sort of acts, doesnt he - ooh, burn.

My point is this, Hollyweird made up these fantastical romantical stories that dont exist not out of spite but because of their own elusivity. So when eventually a girl and a boy crack down on something golden, they milk it for all its worth.
It would be nice to be Mel Gibson at least for a day, so that i could know what women want. Not just one lady in particular, but just generally you know, but mostly just for that one - you know. I don't really want to be the moron writing about the girl that may or may not exist in his mind, i just mean to air my case in point. In two days I got four different perspectives on what girls want and what boys want. Two were gentlemen, themselves and the other two ladies. It must be said that its hard to believe why three of the four who are single are still in fact, single. That in itself does not make sense. I think more people should listen to country music, if they did we would have far fewer lonely hearts. I don't mean to get all weak on you now, I just feel like this sort of stuff takes up too much space in my mental stacks. The problem is i cant switch it off. I feel like I'm letting down my friend Dan. I said I would try real hard and be content with who I am, as Tom. Not Tom and (insert goose's name here). Dan, im not so sure I'm as strong as that. Im not looking for pity, I realise you are all watching me play out this drama as it plays out in my head because i have invited you in - that way i am hoping you can either watch and laugh as i fumble my way around conversations with people who have girl parts or watch and give me some pointers.

There is this song by this political ska band from Italia, called Bella Ciao. The band's name is Talco and you can legally download their album here and you can thank Bruce for that revelation ( Anyway this song is a cover originally written by, anti-fascist come anarchist sort of communist partisan types. The lyrics in English read something to the effect of: If I die fighting as a partisan You must come and bury me "Ah that's the flower of the partisan fighter - " Sweetheart goodbye, oh goodbye, oh goodbye-bye-bye! "Ah that's the flower of the partisan fighter who died for freedom's sake!" They are speaking of living and dying in the name of politcial freedom which ispso facto is freedom for the common woman and her man. They don't sing of a war machine or the violence of bullets and bombshells. Well they do make reference to a bombshell. Its the girl that carries the weight of the message. Now either these guys really got it and understood what they were doing when choosing the sweetheart as the bearer of their image or they had no idea what they were doing and their freedom was just as foreign as the girl and her own message. Its hard to tell.

Try out these lyrics for size:

"she thinks i walk on water
she thinks i hung the moon
she tells me every mornin' they just don't make men like you
she thinks i've got it together
she swears i'm as tough as nails

but i dont have the heart to tell her
that she dont know me that well
she dont know how much i need her

and she thinks she needs me."

Dear girls of the Multiverse - just say that. I'l be fine if you just say that.

And then sometimes in life your vice principal walks into your class bearing 1.2kg's of M & M's. Have you ever? This was courtesy of a girl about 13000 miles from here. I just don't understand. I'm not going to argue, because after all M & M's are well and truly my favourite. Girls, in general are a massive vibe, i don't really know too much more than that at this point.

Alright we are done like yesterday's dinner.

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