Friday, November 14, 2008

The Thing That Shani Said.

It has been a pleasant experience, to say the least, to have started journalling again. Because, now instead of watching the pages of the calendar peel off, week by week, i have to sit up and take stock of what's going on in my life. To try and relate it to all who will hear, so as to pass my experiences off as something, i dont know, vaguely interesting. This week, i havent had any ridiulously mindblowing experiences (apart from Saturday, that was A for Awesome) but instead, there has been this accumulation of little things. Things Tom likes.

Things Tom likes #1: I like it when Emma has a 21st Birthday party and asks some of her friends to do a speech. Personally i wouldnt regard myself as being on familiar terms with Emma, although am familiar wth her. Known far and wide, largely due to my massive street cred, when i used to roll deep with my boys on the 031, for my rap skillz, i got called into studio to lay down a track. Okay i wasn't called in, so much as hanging out with Nick when he said he had to cruise down to Media Village because he had to lay down a track for the Em-Dawg. I was twiddling my thumbs while Nick was rock-rock-rocking the microphone, until he popped out of the booth and said we needed to crack down some gang vocals. Tom likes gang vocals. I think over the two sections combined i got 5 words in. Needless to say they made the track pop drop and lock. Emma, i hope you thoroughly enjoyed my gift to you, but mostly Nick and Shane and Hayley and Dave and Saskia and Kevin and Jake's gift to you.

Things Tom likes #2:
Tom really likes it when he is rounding a corner in Kirstenhof and a pretty young blond lady is in mid conversation with her mom in her Yaris - waiting to turn the corner on the other side of the road, takes a look at me, stops talking for a second, does the double-take - and i nonchalantly gas it out of there. That's nice for the ego.

Things Tom likes #3:
Speaking of traffic, i really get excited in life when i make good decisions in traffic. Somehow things start to make sense when a shortcut works. Having said that, i do get a bit bleak when the short cut becomes the unbearably long, bad decision. I made at least 2 good decisions this week. Ah, the good life.

Things Tom likes #4:
This week in one sense has been a subtle reminder to the fact that i am only getting older. Not in a morbid way, just in a im not in Matric anymore kind of way. Having said that, Tom likes it, that despite my absence form school over the last 4 years, i can still sit in the back row of a fairly important meeting with older people taking up the keen-bean front rows, and giggle at silly things that Dan was doing, all the while trying to muffle mine and Dale's laughter just enough so that the speaker couldn't hear, bit just enough so that the two rows in front of us could hear us, and wish they were incredibly cool vigilantes, like us. Things Tom likes #5: This one made me LOL. In the literal sense. There i was, doing a jog up Tokai road - and there they were, doing some big massive walk up Tokai Road. I think the 'they' that i refer to hear was an entire grade, possibly Matrics from Zwaanswyk Hoer Skool. I had, that very morning gone on down to the shiny new Hi Fi Rip-Off-aration, to procure for myself some shiny new headphones (because doing my jogs without Put Your Hands Up For Detroit blasting in my eardrums, had become fairly lonely). So like any good procurer of electronic goods, the only way to test something new to see if its broken yet or not is to push it the extreme that they have provided. They wouldn't have put a volume setting on my ipod for example there at 175 decibals if the good people at Apple didn't think my shiny new headphones could take it. I think at this point in my yog, i was listening to the sounds of Lil' Wayne and yet i heard this gesture of hand claps and whistles. It carried on for ages, at least 8 seconds, if not more. I realized, they were clapping for me. I'd like to think that they thought that i was either A. a celebrity, probably Ewan MacGregor doing a charity run or B. they were overwhelmed by my sheer stamina and its not they cognitively decided to applaud. It was just a natural reflex for their hands to start hitting one another in amazement.

Things Tom likes #5:
I don't know why, but i insist on wearing a particular pair of Jean Pant that since their inception into my wardrobe collection have never had the decency to make that zipper stay topside. It is like a flamingo flying south for the winter, except everyday its a flamingo and every day its winter. This is irritating right up until the point where it ceases to be annoying and just plain funny. That point is only reached when walking through Blue Route Mall, the distance between the entrance by Pie City and the Checkers, and surreptitiously sneaking my index finger down below to check that the fly had stayed up on it's wall, so to speak. But no. Lets just say i should have noticed earlier that they don't make air conditioning units that blow at waist height. Your problem is either that you gots a hole in your pocket Dear Liza, or your fly is down. On that day, lets just say that Liza was out of town.

Things Tom likes #6: Tom really enjoys getting perspective. Shani will do that to you. She is deeply romantic, in a way that makes you want to be a man. Most of the time, you wish you could be her man, but most of the time that won't happen. I meant what i said. She alluded to some poor bloke that apparently doesn't know his world is about to come full circle. I brought him up later in conversation, and all i got were big eyes and no words. Like i said, she is the archetype of the girl that stirs the wild romance in a man. Shani also believes in me, not in the same way that people believe in the tooth fairy - but in the Coach Carter sort of way. Tom likes it when other people believe in him, makes me feel like i can take on challenges bigger than myself. Because for awhile i was starting to believe that 1. my muscles weren't really that big after all and 2. that God was either incapable or unwilling to put a few things back in their place. I think it is beautiful when God uses people to show us more of Himself, because im not one of those people that sees God in the waves and in sea urchins and hear His gentle whisper on the wings of a bee pollinating a daisy. I know i believe in Jesus, but i get the impression that he believes in me. And so i leave you with the words of an Australian on-screen drama teacher, have a good one - you good things.

' Most of what i do is grounded in education, there is always a lesson to be learned.' Mr. Greg Gregson.

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